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The rain brings reduction from warmth but it surely comes with woes of micro organism, parasites and toxins which assault our intestine and digestive techniques. To make issues worse, humidity and rain decelerate the digestive system. That is unlucky as a result of showers gas the need for decent and fried meals. No surprise medical doctors report a spurt within the variety of gastroenteritis circumstances right now of the yr.

There was a distant cousin whose digestive system was weak and ever liable to diarrhoea, indigestion and so forth. A lot in order that she stopped consuming out for worry of contracting a abdomen bug. She took up yoga and over time, her digestive system grew to become sturdy. The strengthening of her anxiety-prone knotted abdomen led to a full change in her character. From an introverted and nervous individual, she grew to become an extrovert, carefree individual. I personally had a delicate digestive system and reacted to each change in season or consuming out. Simply 15 days of yoga set these issues proper and was one of many causes I embraced yoga for all times and dived deeper into its advantages past the merely therapeutic.

Listed below are some easy practices for intestine well being, which anybody can do. The practices have been chosen in order that even these with coronary heart situations, blood strain and even senior residents can practise them. Solely these with knee issues could not have the ability to sit in Vajrasana. They will undertake any sitting place they’re snug with. These with stiff joints initially could place small cushions beneath their ankle and beneath their hips.

Vajrasana: That is the one asana which might be completed even after a meal. The truth is, it is suggested for enhancing sluggish digestion or overcoming an an infection, gastroenteritis and so forth. In addition to strengthening your digestive system, additionally it is useful for spine-related issues. It is without doubt one of the meditational poses.


• Sit in your yoga mat along with your legs stretched out in entrance of you. See that your head and backbone are aligned, straight and relaxed.

• Then fold your legs on the knee and get right into a kneeling place with arms positioned alongside the physique.

• Your ft ought to be along with the toes touching one another and heels parted.

• Decrease your hips on the parted heel.

• That is the ultimate place.

• Hold your arms in your thighs.

• Shut your eyes.

• Watch your individual breath. Watch every inhalation and exhalation with out break in consciousness of your individual respiration.

• After no less than 5 rounds of respiration out and in, shift your consciousness to your navel space.

• Watch the outward, inward motion of your abdomen space as you breathe out and in.

• Preserving full consciousness on the motion of the navel space synchronised along with your breath, contemplating one inward-outward motion of the abdomen space as one spherical, depend from 28 backwards to at least one. Don’t miss even a single depend.

• Then slowly grow to be conscious of your individual regular, pure breath.

• Launch the Vajrasana.

Agnisar Kriya: This asana targets and prompts the digestive system, making it robust and sturdy. Because the title signifies, it stimulates the digestive hearth. Your navel space can be the sector of the Manipura chakra, which is accountable for operating and upkeep of your digestive system.


• Sit in Vajrasana. (Those that can not sit in Vajrasana could sit crossed-legged or in Padmasana)

• Half your knees about two ft aside.

• Place your palms in your knees.

• Inhale deep after which exhale to the utmost, emptying out your lungs. Then maintain your breath.

• Lean ahead just a little, concurrently straightening your arms.

• Press your chin downward, locking your throat space.

• Then transfer your stomach out and in for 5 rounds or so long as you’ll be able to maintain your breath.

• Whenever you need to inhale, then launch the throat lock, calm down your arms and breathe usually. That is one spherical. Do three to 5 rounds.

Swana Pranayama: The advantages are as within the above asana and is an alternate follow.


• Sit in Vajrasana retaining your arms in your thighs.

• Straighten the arms and lean ahead just a little, arching your again.

• Stick your tongue out as a lot as attainable.

• Then breathe out and in from the abdomen, like how a canine pants, whereas increasing the abdomen as you inhale and contracting it as you exhale. That is vital.

• Do that for as many rounds as is comfortably attainable.

Pawanmuktasana: Those that can not sit in Vajrasana could do that asana. Greatest is to do all three for a life-long and wholesome digestive system. This asana is especially useful in releasing gasoline and bloating on account of abdomen upset.


• Lie down in your again along with your head and backbone aligned and the entire physique relaxed.

• Hold your arms by the facet of your physique and see that you don’t use your arms or shoulders in elevating your legs. Your entire work must be completed by the abdomen muscular tissues.

• Hold your legs collectively. Chill out, take a deep breath and as you exhale, increase your proper leg, retaining your knee straight. Slowly increase it till it’s at a proper angle to your physique.

• Maintain for a while. Then with inhalation, slowly decrease the leg to the beginning place.

• Repeat the identical with the left leg.

• This makes one spherical. Do 5 rounds.

• After some days of follow and strengthening of your abdomen muscular tissues, you are able to do the identical with each legs raised collectively.

With no wholesome, totally functioning digestive system, there can’t be vitality, vitality and dynamism, all of that are essential to satisfy the calls for of as we speak’s frenetic world.

(Kamini Bobde is a Kundalini practitioner who follows the Swami Satyananda Saraswati custom of yoga. She is the creator of Kundalini Yoga for All: Unlock the Energy of Your Physique and Mind. Revealed by Penguin)

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