Lizard Pose In Yoga Is A Dream For Tight Hips

The subsequent time your hips really feel tight, make like a lizard and lunge one leg ahead for an additional deep stretch. Lizard pose is a type of yoga postures you didn’t know you wanted till you give it a attempt. As soon as it’s a part of your circulation, although, you gained’t need to let it go.

Lizard pose, or utthan pristhasana, is a low lunge that serves as the proper hip-opener, says Mikah Horn, a licensed yoga therapist, trainer, and founding father of Lifelong Yoga On-line. It entails stepping one leg ahead as you sink down in the direction of the ground — identical to a lizard stretched on a rock.

The deep, low lunge stretches your hamstrings, groin, and hip flexors to enhance your hip flexibility and mobility, Horn tells Bustle. It feels additional good in the event you’ve been touring or sitting at a desk, however you’ll be able to drop into it at any time when that you must open up your decrease physique.

Lizard pose can also be ideally suited for strengthening your legs, says Whitney Berger, a licensed yoga teacher, private coach, founding father of WhitFit NYC. Your muscle tissue need to work onerous to carry you regular in such a low lunge, which is why your arms, shoulders, glutes, and core get in on the motion, too. Right here’s what to learn about lizard pose, straight from yoga lecturers.

How To Do Lizard Pose

Right here, Horn explains the best way to correctly drop into lizard pose so you’ll be able to stretch your hips.

– Begin in downward-facing canine together with your fingers planted in your mat and your hips excessive.

– The first step foot ahead to the entrance fringe of your mat.

– Come right into a low lunge.

– Deliver each fingers to the within of your entrance foot.

– Drop your again knee to the bottom.

– Press down into your palms and discover size in your backbone.

– In case you can, decrease onto your forearms.

– Preserve the again of your neck lengthy and in step with your backbone.

– Carry your again knee and straighten your leg.

– Press actively by way of your again heel.

– Maintain for 5 to 10 breaths.

– Step your entrance foot again and into downward canine.

– Deliver your different leg ahead to change sides.

How To Modify Lizard Pose

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Since lizard pose is such a deep hip-opener, it isn’t all the time straightforward to nail on the primary attempt, particularly in the event you spend a number of time seated or if in case you have extra-tight hips. To scale back the depth, “attempt staying up in your palms as an alternative of decreasing right down to your forearms,” Horn says. “You can additionally come as much as your fingertips or put blocks beneath your fingers.” This may elevate your higher physique and ease a few of the stretch in your hips.

Another choice is to drop your again knee down onto your mat. “Moreover, you may place a folded blanket beneath your knee for extra assist,” Horn says. To determine what feels good, Berger additionally suggests gently rocking backwards and forwards within the pose.

To go deeper into the lizard pose, add a quad stretch. “Drop your again knee to the ground, bend that knee by kicking the foot up in the direction of your glutes, and attain round to seize your again foot,” Horn says. “Kick the foot into your hand and create resistance as you elevate your chest.”

Lizard Pose Errors To Keep away from

To benefit from lizard pose, attempt to preserve your muscle tissue engaged the whole time. “Ensure you aren’t sinking into your joints passively or collapsing into too deep of a stretch,” says Horn. “You may forestall this by urgent actively away from the ground.”

As you stretch, look again and examine that your hips are squared up as an alternative of letting one drop to the facet, as that’ll take away the stretch in your hips. It’s additionally vital to maintain your again leg straight so it doesn’t put a pressure in your joints, Berger says. Once you nail the posture, you’ll undoubtedly really feel it — and your physique will thanks.

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Mikah Horn, C-IAYT, E-RYT, licensed yoga therapist, trainer, founding father of Lifelong Yoga On-line

Whitney Berger, licensed yoga teacher, private coach, founding father of WhitFit NYC

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