6 variants of yoga exercise’s preferred hip-opening asana

Pigeon present, additionally called, eka pada rajakapotasana, is an excellent hip-opening as well as onward bend asana that extends the groin, psoas, upper legs, back, as well as piriformis. This asana is an excellent present for individuals that rest for extended periods.

While this hip-opener uses fantastic advantages, for some individuals, the present isn’t available, which leaves the muscle mass partially extended or triggers discomfort as well as pain.

The bright side is that there’re a couple of fantastic variants of the traditional pigeon present that can aid you profit without triggering any type of remaining discomfort or pain.

Leading variants of pigeon present

Below’re 6 variants:

1) Seated pigeon present

Seated pigeon present is a simple variant of the traditional pigeon. (Picture through Pexels/Marta Wave)launching limited back muscle mass as well as relieving stress. In addition, it extends limited hip flexors as well as glutes as well as opens up the front side of the body.

To do this variant:

  • Beginning in the traditional eka pada rajakapotasana with your left leg onward. Placement your right-hand man in the direction of the facility of the floor covering before your left shin.
  • Turn your upper body to the left, cover your left arm around your back, as well as get the side of your hip, waistline, or left huge toe.
  • Extend your back, as well as gradually turn a bit a lot more on every exhale.

3) One-legged pigeon present

This variant is a difficult, complete expression of the traditional pigeon present that extends the hips as well as opens up the front side of the body.

To do this variant:

  • From the traditional eka pada rajakapotasana with your left leg in the front, flex your best leg, as well as bring your foot in the direction of your back.
  • Getting to both arms over your head, flex your joints, as well as get to back to hold your foot or regarding you can.
  • Maintain your stare on the skies.

4) Sustained pigeon present

This present is additionally a simple variant that needs you to raise your hips off the flooring as well as enables a gentler stretch in the knees as well as hamstrings. In Sanskrit, this variant is called salamba kapotasana.

To do this variant:

  • Beginning in a table top or downward-facing pet setting, with your left knee up in the direction of your left wrist as well as left foot in between your right wrist as well as best hip.
  • Prolong your best leg right behind you, as well as put a yoga exercise block, folded up covering, or a cushion under your left hip.
  • Hold the position for a couple of breaths.

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5) Relaxing eka pada kapotasana

One-legged eka pada kapotasana is a beginner-friendly variant. (Picture through Pexels/Marta Wave)poor knees. It uses an excellent stretch to the hips while additionally maintaining the knees healthy and balanced as well as secured.

To do this variant:

  • Lie right on your back on a floor covering, as well as put your left ankle joint throughout your right upper leg simply over your knee.
  • Turn your left upper leg, as well as bring both knees near your breast.
  • String your right arm in between your legs, as well as attempt to reach your left arm around the beyond your legs.
  • Gripping your hands with each other around your right shin, reduced your shoulders, as well as head back to the flooring. Loosen up.
  • To grow the stretch, relocate your knees closer to your breast.


The pigeon present in yoga exercise can be frightening if you’re a newbie, however with the previously mentioned variants, you can make the present easier as well as much easier. Provide these variants a shot in your following yoga exercise session, as well as see if they aid you level up your technique.

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